We will consider any kind of experimental work including (but not limited to) essays, fiction, poetry, visual arts, impressions, sounds, etc. Submissions can be upto 5000 words. Submissions can be both in Hindi and English, preferably in .doc or .docx format.

You may pitch your ideas or submit completed pieces for any of the categories to the editors through email. Please write a short cover-letter and attach a short bio with your submission. Simultaneous submissions are allowed as long as you immediately inform us if your piece is accepted for publication elsewhere.

Oniritheca : submit your strange, haunting, unforgettable dreams for a collective dream journal – submissions can either be emailed or submitted anonymously here.

Submission will be considered on a rolling basis.


For our second anniversary issue in November 2018, we have chosen the theme of Kali. Kali is the ancient goddess of both creation and destruction, associated with both black and sapphire colours. She is the female God, but also a force that is often misunderstood, existing outside the mainstream, outside society, representing the forbidden but necessary elements of the world, and in Tantric traditions she is the ultimate reality comprising within herself all the contrasting realities.

Interpret this concept however you want. Keep in mind that, like Kali, we are open to anything.

Send previously unpublished texts / sounds / images / dreams / anything you can think of  for any of our categories (fiction, non-fiction, images, art, sounds, apocryphal, underground) to by 1st November, 2018. For text pieces, please keep it shorter than 2500 words. For poetry, send up to four poems.

Unfortunately, at the present moment, we are unable to remunerate writers and artists for their work.