Announcing our annual anniversary themed call of submissions. The theme for this year is Caravaggio. The last date for submission is 20th October, 2021. Please find details below.


Caravaggio is a legend, a mystery, a meteor that shone (and burned) in 17th century Italy and the Mediterranean. A meteor, a star that still shines in an unreachable sky. A lighthouse for some, a reef for others, an unknown figure for some others. With this realistic, sometimes obscene, always marginal and transgressive figure, we invite you to explore these frontier realms of artistic creation, whether literary, photographic or pictorial or anything else that you might think of.

How does Caravaggio inspire you in your life? Does he haunt you, please you, scares you, repulses you? Maybe you admire him, maybe you hate him, maybe you just don’t want to think about him. Caravaggio, what happened to you in each of us? RIC Journal awaits your submissions for its special anniversary Caravaggio issue, out in October. Email us your submissions by 20th October, 2021.

Email address:


Unthemed submissions for other issues: 

You may pitch your ideas or submit completed pieces for any of the categories to the editors through email. Please write a short cover-letter and attach a short bio with your submission. Simultaneous submissions are allowed as long as you immediately inform us if your piece is accepted for publication elsewhere.

We do not accept previously published pieces.


We will consider any kind of experimental work including (but not limited to) essays, fiction, poetry, visual arts, impressions, sounds, etc. Submissions can be upto 5000 words. Submissions can be both in Hindi and English, preferably in .doc or .docx format.

Oniritheca : submit your strange, haunting, unforgettable dreams for a collective dream journal – submissions can either be emailed or submitted anonymously here.


Submission will be considered on a rolling basis.

Unfortunately, at the present moment, we are unable to remunerate writers and artists for their work. We are working to change that as soon as possible.