Guitar, Skull, Tubes / Dimitri M.


Made in November 2015 by Klaim – Salon Street Tattoo in Franconville

This tattoo, is composed of 3 elements:

Guitar : more precisely the microphone / strings / easel part of the instrument which makes the symbolic more intimate and which is a tribute to the instrument that I now practice since this discovery and which has become my working tools.

Tubes : increases the symbolism of the guitar. For connoisseurs, these are amps typed for Metal music and belonging to the brand of amp Mesa Boogie, material that I use to play this music.

Skull : uniting the whole, has several symbolics:

“Metal” music, which, although energetic and positive, often revolves around death,  whether in imagery, texts or group names.

It also represents the idea of enjoying this passion until the end of life.

The aesthetic side of a skull that, though is a classic tattoo seen and reviewed, always remains very percussive and simply beautiful.

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