Journal words / Debarun Sarkar

madness is the state of burnout

non-acceptance of burnout

dreams are rare

simpler to decipher

acceptance of burnout

is of utmost importance

to achieve the state of the ardhnarishwar

one must learn to live alone

re-learn it all over again

seeing the world in constant tussle

conflict, dialectical fights is tiring

accepting the harmonious whole

is even more difficult

faces articulate words

lips      my eyes drift towards the lips, its subtle shifts         and way the tongue reinvigorates the lips.

madness has its own peculiarities

thoughts are in knots clogged forever looping

a friend wanted to play with others’ toys when she was young she said

in playing my role

acting my role

my personality seems to drift further away from the self

when I was young I had enough toys and no friends

men bathe at the street hand pumps

in the hot summer afternoons

they pick their shirts up from the waist

and expose their bellies, and run their hands on it

to relieve the body heat

we run across abandoned pipelines

and try plucking the mangoes off in

the school summer holidays

Debarun Sarkar currently lives in Calcutta and spends most of his time juggling between freelancing and writing. Recent works have appeared in or are forthcoming in 1:1000, Former People, Burningword, Cafe Dissensus Everyday, Your One Phone Call, Wild Plum, Tiny Donkey, The Los Angeles Review of Los Angeles, among others.

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