In the war room with the unknown / Saudamini Deo

Are you the daughter of God?


Do you know who this God is?


Do you know that the world will spit on you?


That no one will believe what you saw?


Will you still say it?


You know that you will be alone?


If someone wants your body, what will you say?

Body, with soul.

If someone just wants your soul?

Soul, with body.

Between love and the world, what will you choose?

(too exhausted to answer)

Answer me, girl.

The world.

What did you say? (loudly)

(throws water on her face)

What is the correct answer?


So, what will you choose?



What will you do to protect it?


Now, tell me: will you be faithful to society or to your soul?

My soul.

What if they offer you comfort? Money? Ease? A superficial peace?

I will take nothing.

Are you sure?


What if they threaten you?

I will not be scared.

Ha. It’s easy to say. Will you really not be scared? What if they tell you they will throw you into a burning pyre?

Doesn’t matter. I will die.

Die? What kind of a soul are you? Already ready to die? Won’t you fight back?

You don’t have courage?

Answer me. I will fucking kill you right now. Weaklings like you deserve to die a petty death.

I will fight back.

What weapons do you have?

I have truth. And a gun.

Will you ever shoot yourself?


Will you ever shoot an innocent?


What if someone wants to shoot you?

Lodge a bullet in the back of their neck.

If you cross a line, will you take a step back?


Why not?

Stepping back is for cowards.

What if you’re exhausted? Just cannot continue anymore? Not a drop of water for days?

Continue anyway.

Your mother dies. Your father. Your children.

Collateral damage.

Whose orders will you obey?

My unconscious.

Final question: do you know who you’re fighting for?

My self.

Good. Now get out. This is war.


Saudamini Deo is a writer from India.

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