Now Tell Us About That Picture / Tanishka Chellani

A little haphazard.
And a little uneven.

A princess nonetheless.
They tugged and straightened and fussed.

It doesn’t look like anything is wrong with her.
They watched her watch.

That seemed to be all she did.
If someone asked her why she was like this.

It was because she didn’t want others to see.
We were dishrags.

To others,
And to the system.

To tradition,
To greed.

And blue,

The thin green veins
Visible under her white skin.

Hold still.
Take a breath.

It’s just you.
She is gone.

The tradition in gone.
It is just right and wrong.

Your right.
Your wrong.

Is expectation really gone?
But unless they’re happy there is no right there is no wrong.

It was just a…
Yes but that’s how it works here.

Enough is enough
When she decides it is enough.

But who chose her,
Who let her reactions deem correct from incorrect.

Respect, tradition, and her ignorance.
Are the most knowledgeable those who refuse to see?

Fix it, just fix it.
Quick fixes, they’ll forget about the rest.

And maybe they did,
But I was watching you, I noticed it

Fixing it,
And giving yourself doing so.

And so I decided to fix you,
When I was still broken.

We come unbroken,
But not fixed.

So we look for glue.
We apply it

Push together
and hold it there,

Hold it-

Maybe if you hold it there long enough…

Tanishka Chellani is trying to navigate and rationalize the world by putting pen to paper and hoping for the best. Leaving this here, she hopes that her narrative will possibly help you do the same.

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