Fragments of love, lettered / Arathi Devandran


Some days I struggle to tell you how much there is. To see, to do, to feel. The words, they get stuck, somewhere between the heart, and the throat chakra, and there is a build-up, a huge collection of these words and thoughts and emotions, and I swallow. I keep swallowing, trying to move past this thing that is taking up so much space, and my heart beats louder, and louder,

By then, you’ve hung up because you are tired of my silence.



Some days, I tire of this. All of this. Wondering whether how I am living my life is right, wondering whether us meeting was right, wondering whether this intensity of feel and want and longing is right, wondering whether this confusion and this anger and this sense of being so unsure and sure at the same time is right

Am I not foolish, dear, to find reason in love?



It is because I love you, too much, more than myself,

That I must leave.


காற்று வெளியிடைக் கண்ணம்மா – நின்றன்

காதலை எண்ணிக் களிக்கின்றேன்

In this breezy expanse, my dear,

Ruminating of a love ended, I while my time.

Arathi Devandran curates personal experiences, snapshots of the world and the stories people are willing to share with her through prose and poetry

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