Kambili / Osalam Wosu

The stories you told rolled cold sweat from eyes sore
Born a beauty before brutes made you an eyesore
You had sang the song of severed hymens
 before your years had reached a score.
The songs you sang rang a bang on the clang of my metal heart
With bleeding ballads born of beaten egos and swollen eyes
You painted putrid pictures on pallets of my mind.
The love you gave was gravely gray with gloomy guise
Your beauty buried beneath boundless scars and teary eyes
But all of me to you I give and seek no requite
For a while they see a heart in hopeless hues
I see the strong woman you are
Even after this brute called Life
beat you into colours of black and blues.

Osalam Wosu is a Chemical Engineering student in Federal University of Technology, Owerri, Nigeria. He hails Rivers state and he writes and reads in his lovely southern city- Port Harcourt. His venture into poetry-writing started in 2017 with him getting shortlisted for the Korean Nigerian Poetry Fiesta award.

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