RIC J: There is Aphrodite Urania and there is Aphrodite Pandemus. Who are we speaking to? Is there really a difference between the two?

A:  I am one, I am both. I am nothing, I am everything. In the same way that your mood changes according to the time of day or night, but that you remain in spite of everything yourself, I am, according to you, these various forms of me.

RIC J: Everyone asks you what is love. What is not love?

A:   Non-love is not hatred, it is not despair, it is not boasting and pilfering, it is not the energy spent on thinking and doing wrong, On the contrary, it is emptiness, emptiness, inertia, the absence of life, of movement and envy, non-love is death, annihilation. It is non-being.

RIC J: Barthes wrote, “Do not be scared anymore. You have already lost her.” What do you suggest to people who have lost the greatest love of their life?

A:  I knew Barthes well, who was looking for love everywhere, never to find it really. I remember taking the form of a young man, once, to seduce him … I still have his taste in the mouth! This mortal was more agile with his tongue than with anything else … And so, lost love? There is no lost love. If I want it, what is lost is immediately found! You are lost, human, if you forget that you are our toys, nothing more. I do not answer you to educate you, but just for pleasure, to spend the time of my eternal youth and beauty…

RIC J: You are the goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, and procreation, but not of marriage. Why not? What is your relationship with Hera?

A:   Hera is a bitch, but there are happy marriages. A marriage is above all a contract, it is the trade of a heart (an apple, if you prefer) shared between two bodies by the game of chance and fatality. Those who do not respect this harmony of hearts (or apples) will live a life of misfortune. I do not like Hera, who does not love me either. But I do not abandon her devotees.

RIC J: I am sure you have a message for the unfortunate lover Paul Celan. What do you want to say to him?

A:  You did well to drown yourself, you junk. You did not have a sincere love for Ingeborg. I spit on your corpse rotten and swollen by the water.

RIC J: Women already understand love. Do you have any future plans of teaching men how to love?

A: Men will never understand love, do not even try to make them listen to reason. They have brains only in their balls, reflection in their penis, reflex than in a bed. Man is a body without spirit, an animal. The woman … Poor woman, she must try to survive with men.

RIC J: Humanity seems pretty doomed. Everyone is pragmatic, constantly weighing gains and losses, no one cares – or has the courage to care – about love, everything has been mechanized, even relationships, even sex. Even meeting is not left to chance anymore (the concept of “dating” must be strange to you). What is inconvenient must not be attempted – what do you have to say about this utter lack of life in the modern man?

A: You are quite right. Humanity has totally forgotten, unlearned, what love is. How to lie next to a woman and not embrace her … and more? The only other reasonable option would be to read a book (making love to the paper, or to the author, through his writings). You have to relearn how to love, but you lack teachers: do you want to be one?

RIC J: We have heard the rumour that you are going to leave us completely. Is it true? Are you abandoning earth?

A:  Do not you see it? I have already left …

RIC J: (A sudden question asked by a reader): Why do we need you? We get married, have children, earn a lot of money, we do everything without you. What do you give us? Why should we care?

A:  Because if you do not believe in me, if you forget me even for a short time, you will only have the impression of living, but you will not really live. Without me: nothing.

RIC J: We apologise from the previous question, dear Aphrodite. Maybe it’s a good idea that you leave us. We do not deserve you.

RIC J: Before you forever abandon earth, could you answer a last question? In the memory of a Sufi patient, define life in two words.

A:   Fuck again.

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