The Lads We Left Here / Madu Chisom Kingdavid

The lads we left here with the dreams of fullmoon

And rainbow before we sought green fortunes in

Europe through the cemetery roads of Sahara are

Slowly turning into rust. The stretched marks on their

Bodies are relics of untold depression. “The harsh

Economy is sapping life here,” Kunle said, a second

Class graduate now a roadside bicycle repairer – who

Later jumped into the lagoon. There was Abdul – who

Would’ve ruled FIFA’s world, but his torn Achilles tendon

Fetched him permanent clutches. Today, he swallowed

Himself and let fire compose him into charred remains.

That was how we broke into Ada, Obehi … and harvested

Scars of failed suicidal coups in their minds. The lads we

Left here – the stigmatized too – have one leg of their dreams

In a tomb and the other teetering on a stool for self-absence.

Madu Chisom Kingdavid is a Nigerian Poet, Folktale Writer, Historian, Paint Maker and Football Analyst.

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