After Scent / Dee

Next time you walk past the motiya you will see them: climbing up voraciously along the inner limbs of the bougainvillea, tracing its sensuous entrapment … the jhumka bail is finding its way into the main … it has neither the ambition of the motiya nor the robust beauty of the bougainvillea but it has a dripping sultry after sense that will linger in your mouth and your body will remember it like the body remembers the secrets of a lover … every inch of you aches to be held by the one who cannot be named … and your hands remember being held by a grasp bordering on a gasp … jhumka bail … the lover’s hidden secrets … subtly lying there between the motiya and the bougainvillea … the lover who lives in between the chores the picks and drops the family dinners and long walks … and you feel your secret that keeps you alive … just as the summer jhumka bail … unknown yet enduring


Dee is from Lahore, Pakistan. Loves dark nights and old trees.

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