Biological weapon / Dream 17

I am not me, but another woman in a rural school – some part of India, I think. There are a couple of reporters trying to report on the bad conditions of the school, how it is neglected, etc. They are taking notes on what has to be reported.

I am a teacher in this school, and I have a deadly strain of some virus in a test tube and have – for some reason – decided to kill myself. I go into the bathroom, and I hear these two reporters talking to each other about how they will report badly about the school. I think that since I am going to kill myself anyway, I might as well save the school by killing these two reporters. So I (I don’t remember how) exposed these two people to the deadly virus. They go running out of the bathroom.It is at this moment I decide to drink this virus (it was some liquid in the test tube) and I drink it and I can’t decide whether to swallow it or not and it is then that there is an earthquake. And so, the liquid spills out of my mouth and the test tube. And the whole liquid is now on the floor and spreading to the entire school. I am absolutely horrified.

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