Vibration (Trilce) / Aaron Boothby

Glove of the edges edge to edge. / Aromatic truth touched to the quick, on connecting / the sexual antenna / to what we are being without knowing it.

 Annunciate floral sequences out of night. Honeysuckle drifting sweet on dawn’s reminders. Each shadow claims again its definition. Until shape’s declared. Air rises as a wave of touches. Dew’s purity negated. Dustier scents drawn in to anoint animal lungs. Lavender dirtied by sage warms yellow agendas. Under noon’s ultimatum all hot blood’s driven to shade. Reptilian hours of stillness.

In the encounter is no possible meeting of interiors. Skeletal enigmas wrapped in gloves of edges. Lips nerve’s touch to other nerves. Tongue’s firmament indexes from within a sleeve. Sweat rises off tensed surfaces becoming testament in throat. Glancing at possibility. Ingestions of cloud. What vapours are born beyond skin. With a peeling off like an intake of breath.

White linen night recalled by sun’s beam’s falling. Solar chlorination of oil’s in residue. Unwrapped from a body a garment is trialled. Your rapture. Silent choking on a ragged edge. Where a face cannot stay. Bound to rose enigmatic bliss in salivals. Broken limb of a meeting’s charged discursion. Disgraced by impossibility. You not knowing your edges that are all there is for they to know.

Chained to an eye’s dominant perversity. A spread palm could read a frequency. At play within shade’s calm an ask could fragrant a tumbling into greens. How verbs quiver. Disclaiming sight. Amorous of submarine declensions below a body’s map. You think they know what is there to read. Have developed a say of pigments. Curls. How ungendered nerves quiver against grasses cuts and falls.

Being’s sinuous vapours. Held within a vessel of surfaces. With what’s visual it’s difficult to speak of what is not. Twinned instances pearled where blood meets air. Say within the dew of yourself collapsing. Arriving at a temperament. A choir of insects. Animal is a being that throbs. Definition speculates an edge where a furred insistence gathers. A deep pulse of muscle delves.

Within a clenched vessel of vibratory foliage. A spread palm could rest on groin without agenda. Like there may be a listening. A hum that is also lavender. Filthied by sage. A mouth cupping open to the day’s breeze. Crushing leaves between fingers. A green beheld itself in lemon. A cool violet opening throat. Aromatic spells unfold an edge to shivers, One made incarnate in other by evening’s fall.

Jasmine fumes night’s pools of cloud: exhaust, cigarette, musk of a being’s passing.


Aaron Boothby is a poet from California now living in Montréal. Work has been published in PRISM, Axolotl, Liminality, and other journals while a chapbook titled Reperspirations, Exhalations, Wrapt Inflections was published in 2016 with Anstruther Press. A website can be found at

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