A Gratitude List / Arathi Devandran

There are some days when there isn’t much to say.

So we give gratitude, for all that is, and all that isn’t.


Today, I give gratitude to:

A hot shower at the beginning and end of the day, to soothe aching muscles and a weary heart;

Clean sheets and a soft bed;

Food, served on a table, and to be able to have a seat at the table, to be able to share in communion, and for friends and family to share this communion with;

The full moon, as a reminder that there is always light, even in darkness (perhaps, especially in darkness);

Ruby red wine, a reminder of heady times of love and seduction and lust and companionship;

The blazing sun, that gives life, and shade, that provides respite for burning skin;

A thirst for knowledge, and the ability to learn something new every day, to keep the mind and the soul constantly seeking, searching, wandering;

For conversations with strangers that may never repeat to remind you of kinship, ever elusive, but ever present;

Poetry, the language for those who yearn;

Friends, across time-zones and across countries who rally together as sisters and brothers and lovers, a singular omnipresence;

The smells of lavender, and eucalyptus, and lemon grass, and sage, and rosewood as reminders of divinity even here, on Earth;

Art, as a reminder to live, and life, the fuel to create good art;

The lover, for Being;

The present, as Truth;

The body, as Temple;

The mind, Existence;

This universe, Home;

This heart, Tenacious;

You, for You;

Me, for Me.


Arathi Devandran curates personal experiences, snapshots of the world and the stories people are willing to share with her through prose and poetry www.miffalicious.com

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