An Interview with an unnamed Geisha

When your parents put you in a geisha house, you were 6 years old: did you feel free or in jail?

I felt free, because even then I knew I was now outside the stifling conventionality of society. Marked to be a woman unlike others.

Luth or ikebana?

Ikebana. It teaches us that things can be arranged however we like. As we like it.

Mayakovsky or Mishima?

Mayakovsky for his boldness, Mishima for his delicacy.

Sake or red wine?

K’s blood.

Egg yolk: for the intimate ceremony or eating?

Unless I am starving: the intimate ceremony, I am waiting for someone to place the yellow yolk inside of me.

Have you ever loved a man you were sleeping with?

Even though it may seem incredible, but I have not slept with anyone … yet. I am a virgin.

 What does bitter lemon inspire you to?

It’s the most inspiring thing in the world to me. I just want to taste it in my mouth and swallow it endlessly.

French kiss, Nippon kiss, or no kiss?

Any kiss is better than no kiss, but between French and Nippon: French.

 Do you close your eyes when little death occurs?

I do not remember as I am absorbed in own death to remember anything else.

Buddhism, Shinto, or Tantra?

Tantra, without hesitation. Buddhism is for the lifeless, Shinto is for the traditional, it’s only Tantra that orients us towards life and its highest (and lowest) meaning.

 In the memory of a Sufi patient, please define life in two words (do not say Anthony Bourdain).

You, me.

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