Elizabeth Bathory

RIC-J : Welcome, mistress, please take a seat. We hope you had no trouble finding us?

E.B. : No. I was guided by the smell of your breath, and the roughness of your voice. I knew where you were before you were there, and who you are before you took consciousness of your existence.

RIC-J: You had many children, the first of whom you had to give away to a servant. He was an illegitimate son. Do you believe in illegitimate children?

E.B.: What is legitimacy? We are all flesh and blood (especially blood), and this is the only one law.

RIC-J: Many folk stories say that it was in fact your husband that introduced you to brutality and sadism. Is there truth in that, or did it all come from your own soul?

E.B.: No. My husband was the dark reflect of my darkest mind. He did not initiate me to anything, anything, anything.

RIC-J: What did you add to the blood of virgins before bathing in it? What’s the recipe you used for eternal youth?

E.B.: Some drops of my victims’ tears. This is the ultimate secret. Blood is nothing for longevity, tears are everything. They are the sad mirror of eternity.

RIC-J: On the night before committing a murder, what dream did you usually have?

E.B.: There is a dream that I do remember: I was Kali making love to an empty human skin (understand me well: this was only skin without anything below, i.e. no flesh, no organs, nothing). And by her final – orgasmic – breathe, Kali gave life and inner structure to this empty human skin. It was very… inspiring both from a philosophical and criminal point of view.

RIC-J: Who did you meet after your death? Your victims, your husband (is there a difference?), god, or yourself?

E.B.: Kali introduced me to the K-circle. A secret society of worshippers, both on the ante-mortem and post-mortem sides (as there is a strong continuity between these two moments). There, I met victims of me, children, mentors, masters, pupils, and past lovers.

RIC-J: Who do you see as your successor? Who, among the current nobility and royalty, do you think can become a prolific murderer?

E.B.: You.

RIC-J: Did you have sex before or after the murder?

E.B.: Before, during and after, if you precisely want to know.

RIC-J: What was your wedding gown like?

E.B.: Do not remember my wedding. Did it really happened? Or was-it a mocking ceremony?

RIC-J: Pearls or diamonds?

E.B.: Diamonds, blood diamonds.

RIC-J: When you see butter and eggs, what comes to mind?

E.B.: Butter on one side, egg on the other, K everywhere.

RIC-J: Who were you reincarnated as? What was your next life like?

E.B.: I was reincarnated as a wine grave, Cabernet. I produced so much red wine, the darkest, the bloodest, the purest, my taste was the one of iron and sugar. Just: imagine.

RIC-J: What happens when a man offers an apple to Athena in her forgotten temple in Greece?

E.B.: If Athena is playing chess with me at this moment, nothing happens as she’s obsessed by the mythical game. If not, she will bless the worshipper. Gods are not dead, Nietzche was wrong. They just sleep, one has to wake them up.

RIC-J: Choose between Emilie and Chanel no. 5?

E.B.: I’m allergic to Chanel no. 5., Emilie reminds me of Provence, and more.

RIC-J: Do you want our blood?

E.B.: No. I prefer that I take without permission, blood’s taste is better with angriness and frustration.

RIC-J: In the memory of a Sufi patient, could you please define life in two words?

E.B.: Fresh blood.

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