The International Religion / Ilisa Fonua

Its ages and fades,

Revered and scorned,

Never one thing or another


Most valuable in the lens of a camera

Or in the hands of a lover,

Or whatever they may call themselves…

I’ve seen its many eyes

Elongated with black wings and darkened lashes,

Or else bare and unwavering

In its many hues

Roll in distaste, laugh at gazes of admiration,

Glow with pride as it lowers its neckline,

Cry black trails at its lover’s scorn,

Close wearily with relief,

And awaken,

To create all of its many visages of splendour once more

As if nothing had come to pass…

Such is the nature of the modern woman

To cater to the most recognized religion of the world;

This is the original many faced god

lisa Fonua is a 24-year-old video editor from Nuku’alofa, Tonga. She has previously studied film making at Fiji National University. While studying she developed a passion for writing poetry to add on to her already active interests in creative writing and visual arts.

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