Redivider, Redivider / Matthew Turner

The sea reshapes the sand reshapes the sea,
your lung inhales a mist inhales your lung.

Moving forward, forward moving,
follow you, you follow.

Our hands reform the beach reform our hands,
a grain’s movement a movement grains.

The breeze passes an ear passes the breeze,
a body moves, the past moves a body.

The air meets our skin meets the air,
the sea breaks the shore, the shore breaks the sea.

Forward moving, moving forward,
you follow, follow you.

My hand skims, a stone skims my hand,
the waters dip below, you dip below, the waters,
your eye takes, the scene takes your eye.


Matthew Turner is a writer living in London. He studied at University College London and is now working as writer and assistant editor for LOBBY magazine while also teaching at Chelsea College of Art.

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