Last night, I stayed behind after school because there was an important event going on, kind of like the fair, except it was in the school. My friend Wendy saw me and took me by the arm and told me to come stay with her for something. I assume it was supposed to be a meet up with her other friends. It was starting to get late at night and I was getting worried. I took out my phone and turned it on, and saw messages from my Dad asking what time to pick me up, when am I going home. But as I wanted to type out my response of ‘can you pick me up now?’ new messages started showing up.. from my Dad and Me. But I wasn’t the one who texted him those things. It was from a different person. That wasn’t me. I showed Wendy and I started freaking the fuck out and panicking. All Wendy did was stare at me, and started to run away with her friends. I tried calling my Dad, but it was as if the call was pre-recorded, but it was a conversation between my Dad and the school. I turned my phone off in a panic, and I tried following Wendy and her friends I didn’t want to be left alone. I turned around and I saw a woman walking with an umbrella, thinking nothing of the sort, I turned around to Wendy and I heard them say ‘Medasa’ I turned back around and this woman who used to be holding an umbrella was now holding a knife ready to stab me. She was smiling. I started running and she was chasing me. I said that I’m about to get killed. I’m about to get killed. I don’t want to die nonononononono in my dream

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