RIC-J: Rumi, are you dead, alive,or dead? 

Rumi: It depends on when and where you find me. Sometimes I am alive, sometimes I am dead.

RIC-J: Do you really think that dancing is the solution (the only one, the only one)?

Rumi: Yes, if you stop dancing, you fall into the abyss. Dancing prevents you from falling.

RIC-J: When you make love, do you dance too?

Rumi: Yes, my favourite position is the dancing Yab-Yuma. It’s a position that no one else but I can master.

RIC-J: Do you think Siva would make a good dervish?

Rumi: Not at all, he will be a complete failure. He’s a bit of a bum. God knows how he got Kali to marry him. I really cannot stand him. But if he must, I would suggest he should at least get some clothes. Some nice white muslin robes from Dhaka. Then maybe we can talk. Then maybe I can teach him.

RIC-J: Does Kali dance?

Rumi: Oh yes, of course, sublimely.I am a little bit in love with her. Have you ever seen her do the dance of creation and destruction? Flawless. My ultimate dream is to do the Tango with her. We’re taking classes.

RIC-J: Does alcohol and hashish help you reach and argue with the deity?

Rumi: Alcohol helps me reach and argue with the deity, hashish helps me seduce her. Have you ever had sex after an argument? It’s wild.

RIC-J: What does she tell you?

Rumi: Who, Kali? Ha. When we are together, we don’t talk much, if you know what I mean.

RIC-J: What does she forbid you? 

Rumi: Kiss her in the French way.And also to forget the world.

RIC-J: Rumi, why love, why death?

Rumi: Love because death. Death because love.

RIC-J: Rumi, if you only had to keep one of the five senses, what would it be? 

Rumi: Touch, I like the feeling of silk sheets on my feet in the morning too much.

RIC-J: The favourite phrase of your favorite poetry? 

Rumi: “An additional miracle, as everything is additional: 
              the unthinkable 
              is thinkable.”

RIC-J: Do you play chess with Saadi Boustan?

Rumi: Yes, but he always wins, I am quite bad at chess. Takes too much calculation. Too much reason. I like games of luck, like Snakes and Ladder. I always win at games of luck. Others always lose.

RIC-J: Rumi, in memory of a Sufi patient, define me life with only two words.

Rumi: Noli timere.

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