Song of Safdar, poet of the communist faction / Ritwik Chaudhary

“I’m a dead man, I’m already dead,
my life is over, the world knows,”
the wheel stops spinning:
Krishna jumps out first, followed by Arjun,
again who says: “go no further, Lord,
I’d rather die than kill my brother,”
and wept; Krishna replies, in the distance,
clouds, worry among a crowd,
which doesn’t know what he will say
yet, and the sound of drums,
thud thud thud;
they climb on over, with Arjun much more
relieved at the price of the dead,
each one counted by some guy
in the crowd in his book.
They know now what he said,
but it must still be written:
“He didn’t die, he is still alive,
in the kingdom of the heart he dwells,
you killed him, but his life
is really too great for your sword,
in honour, my words
make matters neither worse nor easier,
but the truth is the price to pay for a king,
or for that matter, any man”.

Ritwik Chaudhary is a theatre and literature student. He wants to do PhD., following which he will continue to write and do theatre. He is currently pursuing BA in english from distance education. He is 26 years old. 

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