Song of the Unpleased Personae / Camilo T.

[in the ​no-scenario; a Shakespearean actor]

O! (​to his author​) You hide thy experiences! ​(to the darkness) I had been afraid of having it all but not my life! (singsighing) I would like you to come ​(suspension of disbelief) and explain yourself, let me hear it all and maybe understand; come come come!

Or, (​to our creator​) just let me carry my life then, ​but, will someone carry me when I’m dead? ​(​singingsighingly psalm) ‘If I could talk with a fragile throat, I could…’ ​(clanging) but no, my voice doesn’t fit well enough this, unfinished form…  displeased; forms of a toppling-ambon, I again imagine​ every battle that will never happen. rendering. I could follow the relics of unexpected times, close to the rabbit holes, where I am waiting for you to come and… (diriment, the earth was endlessly without form. His first words: Le-let there be light.)

Camilo T.  ​is a Latin-American writer trapped in Venezuela. This is a fragment from his work “An Imaginary Concert” where he hoped to create a play that doesn’t need a real audience, nor asks for a representation.

Translated by César Torres.

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