Hello. I’m not too used to interviewing cocks, so I hope I do not hurt you with my clumsiness. What should I call you?

You can call me what you heart desires; I am quite easy to please. You can call me the little Shiva.

It is said that the whole world is enclosed in a nutshell, is not it also at your top?

You are wrong. My top does not enclose the world. It encloses only the essence of the world. It tastes sour and bitter.

How do you establish contact with those who come to serve you, worship you, pray to you?

I don’t establish contact with anyone – it’s the other that establishes contact. You don’t need to be come to the temple to worship me. You can worship me from anywhere: a church, a kitchen, or while floating on the dead sea.

The brothers Goncourt said that the most mischievous things in the world are museum paintings. I feel like you are just after?

The Brothers Goncourt lied. I am more mischievous than museum paintings, more venerated than Christ, more erect than the leaning tower of Pisa.

In truth, what is the symbol behind you? What is your real meaning?

I am always misunderstood – I am not the phallus, I am an inanimate pillar, I am the symbol of Shiva. What is the real meaning of Shiva? The universe. What is the real meaning of the universe? Brahma. What is the real meaning of Brahma? Kali. What is the real meaning of Kali?

What is your favorite offering? Your favorite day?

My favourite offering are bitter lemons from Crete. My favourite day is Sunday, of rest. Though I never rest.

Do you dream? If so, what is the nature of your dreams?

I sometimes dream of being a yoni. Other times I dream of vacationing on the beaches of Goa, drinking pheni, reading Mayakovsky. I have no other dreams.

Difficult to read without arms: how do you do?

The real problem is not that I don’t have arms, but that I don’t have eyes.

Do not you miss being able to go on a trip, to be fixed on the floor of a temple?

No, Indian temples are usually built in the blueprint of a body – the garbhagriha, the womb-room, where I am usually found is the origin of everything. All trips begin in the womb.

In the memory of a Sufi patient, please define life in two words?

Axis mundi.

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