Stuck. On Red. / Naveen Kishore

take it past the traffic light turn sharp left into the dream that followed you from three blocks over without stopping for a coffee at the corner Starbucks you look over your shoulder doesn’t matter which one in any case you cannot get everything accurate in a poem about a dream specially because there is no saying if it’s the right dream sometimes it feels that there are too many traffic lights in this one and that can often lead to delays in waking up and finding your way into another dream for surely this doesn’t feel right that after you turned sharply left into the dream that shadowed you without stopping or looking over its shoulder for three blocks over you hadn’t stopped looking over your shoulder to see if the angle of vision that prevents you from making your way into the right dream which lurks a little more to the left then the dream you thought you had taken a sharp turn into disregarding the traffic light which remained steadfastly stuck on red.

Naveen Kishore, publisher Seagull Books and photographer.

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