Black Hole

RIC J: I am sorry that the interview will be short – I am alone and you are frightening.

BH: Nothing matters to me. Everything is irrelevant.

RIC J: Is it true that you destroy everything that comes your way?

BH: Of course – everything you have heard about me is true. I eat, I consume, I end.

RIC J: Earth saw you for the first time this week. Thoughts?

BH: It might be my first photograph but earth has seen me innumerable times before. Many people have fallen in me.

RIC J: Do you think love exists?

BH: Nothing exists inside me.

RIC J: What do you think about death?

BH: Nothing.

RIC J: What do you think of Hitchcock’s films?

BH: I think they are funny.

RIC J: Is this the end?

BH: Even I don’t know.

RIC J: In memory of a Sufi patient, please define life in two words.

BH: Black hole. 

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  1. Naomi

    This was strangely calming.


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