Day Poem 31.3.19 / Daniel Fraser

white blossoms drift over the path

                                    pale dots[…]

holes punched from some great document

                                                            of spring,

catkins turn like dry worms

                                    in the gutter,

red and bloodied from their fall,

ladybirds interrupt the page **

                                    carrying warm numbers

                                                            upon their wings,

while the first bees fur the lindens

car horns walk listlessly

                                    along the breeze,

and a patch of dark frost

                                    biting on the wood mulch

                                    cornered below

                                    the fence

tells us not everything has changed.

Daniel Fraser is a writer from Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire. His poetry and prose have featured in the LA Review of BooksGorseAeonLitro, and the Rumpus among others.

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