Spaces / Dee



……. drip

let the droplets accumulate in a pool of an insignificant amount allow them to flow from the tap

from the brow

from your eyes

from the moment

a part of you comes tearing from the being

crying to be let back in

that ultimate expression of creativity

of longing

to see someone else exhibit our love

at the turn of the road

the hour

the minute

this week

that month

of that year

when finally

you will learn to forget

what it was like to wait

to long

to want

to be loved

to be held

to be yearned

to be smiled at

your resting heart rate should be 71

should be this

and a bit of that

and a lot of what

others want

others need

others claim


allow yourself to grieve

in order to be free

to be one

to be many

to be whole

to be here


Dee is from Lahore, Pakistan. Loves dark nights and old trees.

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