Gargoyle of Notre Dame

RIC J: Hello. I do not know if you’re female or male, I do not even know if you’ll hear us, let alone if you’ll understand us. What is your name, if you have one?

GND: It’s not necessary to know if I am male or female, it’s not necessary to know if I can hear you, it’s not necessary to know if I understand you. My name is my secret, to be revealed only to the one that will kiss me at midnight of 27th June.

RIC J: What is your best memory?

GND: Splitting a eucalyptus leaf in half and falling in its fragrance in the desert of Rajasthan in 1993.

RIC J: What is your worst memory?

GND: Losing the last boss fight of Super Mario Galaxy 2 on the Wii. I was sad for days after.

RIC J: You do not talk about the fire a few months ago? Didn’t you do anything?

GND: I started the fire, and then I stopped it. I create, I destroy, I save. I do everything.

RIC J: Can a gargoyle fall in love?

GND: Of course. In my ancient life, I have fallen in love many times, but not as intensely as with your editor. Where did you find her? You are very lucky. 

RIC J: Rather the night, or rather the day?

GND: Rather the K-night.

RIC J: If you could turn into something or someone, what would it be?

GND: I would turn into the mirror of someone I love, to be able to see them naked, dressed, beautiful, ugly, sad, happy, with skin problems like acne!

RIC J: A trip, a dream?

GND: I would love to visit Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Volgograd) and Greece. A dream is a white house on the coast of the Mediterranean, with an ultramarine door.

RIC J: A desire, a regret?

GND: I think I will look more stylish perched atop the Notre Dame with a classic Chanel flap bag (even Lagerfeld’s Reissue 2.55 would work), a regret is not having had enough sex yet. Yet.  

RIC J: In memory of a Sufi patient, describe life in two words (or two cries).

GND: Hwaaaaaaaa – Hwaaaaaaaa

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    Greaat read


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