Of #tags / Dee

sylvia plath did not commit suicide 
#loneliness murdered her

being #misunderstood is what 
you do to me when you know i
need you 


measuring me 
strangers who endorse 
or convict 
on social media platforms 

i worry about you daughters 
i #worry 

#gods who lost interest 
in pain and misery 
found their way to your 
accounts of #beingseen

one tick
two ticks
blue ticks 


measuring each others vulnerabilities 
the new age wars are not #within 
they are sought after on your #TL 

jung, lacan, manto ghalib jon alia, freud, horace, faiz, fehmeeda riaz, gulzar, rumi, zehra nigah, morrison , atwood 

all await your # 
an endorsement 

there are no pauses
whenever lonely
unlock the phone 
multiply the chaos
and sleep to new tags 

you define yourself?
not anymore 
the four lines do
cleverly tangling you to yourself 

hashtag me a moon tonight
tag me in your pictures
mention me in a tweet 
and let me feel seen 

a thousand and three fireflies 
lit up the bushes outside my home tonight
i took a picture, tagged someone, wrote an eulogy and uploaded it. waited for the likes
and those hearts bursting over the timeline 

done then

i never saw the fireflies though
did not take in the fragrance of the
sticky monsoon night
didnt sit and watch them blinking 
nor trace memories of long gone years

for i had to #makememories with strangers 
and be near a wifi to upload this

the night missed me
the fireflies wept my departure 
i felt an ache deep inside 
but i tweeted feeling kind of #lonely tonight
without knowing why ~ 

Dee is from Lahore, Pakistan. Loves dark nights and old trees.

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