Ein Feste Burg / Oscar Mardell

one of the best
it actually has
more castles

one of the best
they usually have
a fraction longer

a stone stammer
to stop

Mum takes us
to see the medieval walls
to observe the eclipse

are a ripoff

to spend 50p on sweets
to win at bingo
to watch the ferry leave
a wake so vast it breaks clean
like the dawn of gunpowder

things about this damnedcountry
per capita
than anywhere else in the world

things about castles
a trippingstep
than the others

the outside coming
the whole way in

pinholes in detergent boxes
because the proper glasses


through the harbour
all her library books

Oscar Mardell was born in London, raised in South Wales, and currently lives in Auckland, New Zealand, where he teaches English and Classical Studies. His essays and poetry have appeared in a variety of publications, including War, Literature, and the Arts, The Literary London Journal, 3:AM, and DIAGRAM.

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