Space Invaders

RIC J: Which planet do you come from? Why do you want to invade the endlessness that is space?

SI: I come from all the planets of the world. I am a planet eater, never happy, never satisfied, never finished. I jump from planet to planet like a butterfly or a bee going from flower to flower. I do not know who will be next. Any idea?

RIC J: What do you understand by space? 

SI: Space is the interval between my two arms. A breath, not a void.

RIC J: When the cannon hits you, do you get hurt? Where does it hurt?

SI: On the contrary, I like that. I like to have pain, to be touched. Touch me now. Touch me now. Now.

RIC J: Who is your murderer? The cannon? The game designer? Or the player who controls the cannon?

SI: Can I give you secret information? Secret defense  Ultra-classified. It’s not a cannon. It’s a lingam. A huge lingam. Raised to the sky, spitting Siva’s seed in space, which explodes on me, covers me with a beneficial cloud. But his strength is sometimes destructive.

RIC J: Do you like humans?

SI: I like playing with them, and let them feel like they are playing with me.

RIC J: Do you ever want to come out of the screens inside which your existence plays out?

SI: It’s not a screen, it’s a mirror. Go back, I am behind you, and what you believe to be the reality is only a reflection. I have never been in the machine, I float freely in the air.

RIC J: When the game is switched off, what do you do? How do you like to pass the time?

SI: I go elsewhere.

RIC J: Do you believe in God? If yes, who is your God?

SI: What’s a god? Whoever holds the joysticks?

RIC J: You have spent decades in human proximity. What is your favourite book? Favourite film?

SI: In order (concentrate!): Fahrenheit 451, Fahrenheit 451.

RIC J: What message would you like to give to your creator Tomohiro Nishikado?

SI: Why didn’t you create me with a big cock?

RIC J: Is the game a form of dance? Violent or erotic?

SI: Dance is the vertical realization of a horizontal desire…

RIC J: Favourite city on earth?

SI: Jaipur

RIC J: If you could be human for one day, what would you do?

SI: Fuck

RIC J: Who would you shoot and kill?

SI: You, by little death

RIC J: What do you think of Mario?

SI: The zoophile plumber? Ha. What shit, this guy. What loser. Whore.

RIC J: One more kwestion: What is at the bottom of the screen?

SI: A map of Hell, and a direct access to it. If you click on it, a Valkyrie seizes you by the neck and sends you directly to the fourth circle of Hell, exactly at the corner of Bhagwandas and Prithviraj road.

RIC J: Uh-oh. Someone switched on the game somewhere. Before leaving, in memory of a Sufi patient, please define life in two words.

SI: Play again.

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