RIC J: In whose insides were you formed? In which ocean?

Pearl: In the insides of a woman, in the ocean of a mermaid’s womb.

RIC J: Do you miss your mother?

Pearl: My mother is more beautiful than me, more durable, stronger than me. I miss her every day.

RIC J: We all know who is the mother of pearl. Who is your father, pearl?

Pearl: A man unknown even to me, I once only saw his shadow on a submarine. My father is human.

RIC J: Who do you want to choke? Whose breath do you want to stop?

Pearl: The man who broke my heart.

RIC J: What is your heart made of?

Pearl: Sapphire.

RIC J: Where did the broken sapphire heart disappear?

Pearl: In the blood of all the betrayed women of the world.

RIC J: Whose neck do you wish to decorate?

Pearl: My own.

RIC J: Where do you like to live?

Pearl: Tahiti.

RIC J: In the memory of a Sufi patient, please define life in two words.

Pearl: Water and tongue.

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