Albert Camus

RIC J: How has death been treating you?

AC : She ignores me, it’s the best thing she can do. So, it is as if I continued to be alive, without having the torments of anguish and suffering.

RIC J: Where do you live? In Heaven? Hell? Francine’s arms? Maria’s dreams? Between countless women’s breasts?

AC: I’m in a book, nestled in the heart of it, the words are my pillow, the sentences are my bed, the pages my floor, the cover is my roof …

RIC J: Which is your favourite finished book?

AC: Sisyphus. If you had read Sisyphus, it would also be your favorite.

RIC J: Which is your favourite unfinished book?

AC: The First Man. But I have to admit something, I didn’t want to finish it. It is unfinished by my own will. I couldn’t finish it. This car accident is the last chapter of this book. It can’t be written.

RIC J: I read somewhere that Sartre had an affair with Maria Casares. Care to comment?

AC: Poor Maria. What a louse, this man. Lice must be crushed.

RIC J: Who would you have liked to kill?

AC: Me, and I did it.

RIC J: If you had become a football player, as you wanted, which team would you have liked to play from?

AC: Dakar, with my brothers.

RIC J: Favourite city in the world.

AC: Samarkand, for the name.

RIC J: Favourite God.

AC: Nobel Prize.

RIC J: Your biggest regret.

AC: Maria, why didn’t you want to carry my child?

RIC J: Your favourite fruit.

AC: Maria.

RIC J: Please give a recipe of your favourite cocktail.

AC: In a glass of champagne: Squeezed lemon juice 2/5, Bombay Sapphire Gin 3/5, Ginger juice (a few drops), Half a teaspoon of brown sugar, Shake with a spoon, Drink in one gulp 

RIC J: In the memory of a Sufi patient, please define life in two words

AC: Never again.

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