Raw Thing / Elancharan Gunasekaran

naked raw she sits and stares at the wall
before her picking out the cracks the holes
every hiding point every climbing point
she believes that the wall is evil
and that evil makes no movement
evil is still evil painted white
and inside we all know what color it is
she asks “why?” there is no reply
evil does not speak “why now?”
evil does not respond she reaches forth
even without touching she feels the cold
emanating from the evil thing
evil shows itself presents itself
she lays a hand the bumps of the wall
adjusting into the flesh evil accepts
evil accepts without judgment

naked raw she sits and stares at the wall
the police bring down the door and find
a decomposing body with an arm
stretched out and fused with the wall
without any signs of disturbance
perfectly fused with evil

Elancharan Gunasekaran is a multidisciplinary artist and poet. He has a strange love for all things poetical and Sci-Fi. A winner of the Montblanc X Esquire Six-word Story prize 2017. His latest publications are Superatomicluminal (Hesterglock Press), Gods of the Gonzo (Analog Submission Press) and The Cosmosnaut Manifesto (UndergroundBooks).

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