Ripples / Carola Conte

John feared the water. Even as a kid he never learned how to swim. But today was different. He had to somehow get on that boat, overcoming the churning in his stomach and the gray, desolate morning. He had to, spurred by Emilia, his companion for the last 53 years. He chartered this trip without much time to worry about his fear, the early morning fog weighing him down. The captain encouraged him, provided the orange life jacket to bring some security and color to his pale countenance. The boat launched, John holding on tightly to the railing, cocooned behind the glass, butterflies in his stomach. The journey was slow, silent, the calm waters sending waves of solace and peace to John’s fears. They arrived somewhere out there, no exact spot, no buoy to refer back to. The boat slowed to a stop. John leaned over and poured what remained of Emilia’s physical body into the ripples and watched her float gray upon gray. He whispered a silent good-bye prayer, then looked at the captain who veered the boat’s bow towards shore.

Carola is a writer, editor, and occasional freelance translator/editor of Italian/English. She grew up at the feet of the Colli Euganei, knows French, and is tackling Hindi. A practicing massage therapist and yoga instructor, she loves the wonders of yoga nidra. When she doesn’t have her nose in a book, you’ll find her in the pool, or at

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