The Aliens / Hiromi Suzuki

The smell of gunpowder. At the station square, a mini steam locomotive carrying children was running around Metasequoia repeatedly. The driver straddling the leading train sounded the honk. The white gunpowder ash simulating steam blew up from the smoke tube.

After finishing shopping at a supermarket that re-opened in this winter, she rested sitting on a bench in front of the station. She bought Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream at Baskin-Robbins. A drop of melted cream fell to her foot. She noticed the patterns on the left and right socks were different. The right was black-and-white stripes but the left was grey-and-white stripes. She did not care. What surprised her was that a new season was back again. The smell of gunpowder assailed the nostrils, beamed a memory of fireworks in last summer to her eyeballs.

A crushed moth was outside the window. She turned off the lights in her room and watched the colourful fireworks in the sky at dusk. She did not know the summer festival was held at the foot of mountain across the river every year. From the first, she did not know anything about the small town. She got excited about the fireworks. It seemed to be the arrival of the Unidentified Flying Object. After the last explosion, the town quietened and settled into daily life. Somewhere in the apartment, a fire alarm was malfunctioning. As usual, no one was panicking. Nobody opened the doors or windows. In the first place, she had never heard the conversation of residents in this apartment.

She peels off the scab of insect bite on the arm. The sunset can be seen through the dead skin like a withered leaf. From between her thumb and index finger, it flutters and falls into a goldfish bowl. The bright red fresh blood will flow through the new leaf veins of the water grass.

hiromi suzuki is a poet, fiction writer and artist living in Tokyo, Japan. She is the author of Ms. cried – 77 poems by hiromi suzuki (Kisaragi Publishing, 2013), logbook (Hesterglock Press, 2018), INVISIBLE SCENERY (Low Frequency Press, 2018), Andante (AngelHousePress, 2019). Her works have been published internationally in poetry journals, literary journals and anthologies.
Web site:
Twitter : @HRMsuzuki

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