The Song of Ozymandias / Ritwik Chaudhary

In Absent Light

What is truth? As the warm wind blew,
I heard a shadowy old uncle say,
Truth is, in the absence of light –
As the wind grew stronger,
The clock ticked louder,
And the Sun was but a shadow –
That is, at night, pale, unseen,
Quiet, obscene. Yet, as the loo rises,
It dips like a rosy weather,
And as the uncle spoke,
An angel like a strong moon arose,
And stood before the Sun like an eclipse,
Until she fell to the Earth,
And it was night again.

In Light Drawn

As Ozymandias walked in the dead of night,
And saw the fleeting vision,
And saw the wings,
Bleeding, but not touching the straws or Earth,
Ozymandias, king, drew his sword and raised it to the sky,
There was no movement but his,
And there was stillness even within him,
And the sky was still,
Then the angel spoke: Truth is
Man’s unseen palace, unheard of music,
World’s not dreamt. His sword was still,
But not the night,
The stars were retreating,
The moon was low,
As Ozymandias lowered his arm,
The angel stood on her feet,
To live among Man,
While the light broke on the sword.

Ritwik is a writer and actor. He is planning on studying as well. He tries to live and write what he believes in. 

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