Prose + Poetry / Anjana Krishnamurthy

In an era that’s breathing uncertainly in a time-space dimension we seem to be quite certain of, a decision as trifling as stepping out of the house to buy groceries stares right at our faces. Our clarity depends on the certainty which we don’t currently possess; so I ruminate on clarity, in an offset, dreamy manner:

Is clarity the stillness that pleases us,

Or the numbness in cold thin air?

Could it be the one-line text we’ve been waiting for,

Or the serendipity we  ironically “look” for? 

Is it the first note that strikes our mind’s voice?

Could it be the magnanimousness of the butterfly-flap?

Is it the loquacity of your infinite justifications,

Or you feeling the blood flow through your limbs?

Maybe, just maybe, it’s as surreal as ether.

Anjana is an Engineer, currently a student of a stream that fills up her soul. She likes to write and sing, and prefers to put evolution over everything else.

One thought on “Prose + Poetry / Anjana Krishnamurthy

  1. Good attempt.
    Poetry is loaded with Literary jargon. If expressed with more familiar words, would help to communicate what we intend & people at large would perhaps enjoy
    Good luck & expect more such poetry


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