RIC J: Which part of you do you prefer, human or robotics?

C: I prefer genitals, human or robotics.

RIC J: What are your dreams made of?

C: Titanium.

RIC J: How does a cyborg make love?

C: I had an attachment added to me, so now I am always making love. 24/7. Even as I am writing this interview.

RIC J: What is a feeling of love for you?

C: Death. Since I cannot die, death is love for me. Always unreachable.

RIC J: If you had to reread just one book, which one would it be?

C: Karel Capek’s play R.U.R. where the word ‘robot’ was first used. This and Kama Sutra.

RIC J: What is your future?

C: I don’t know but at least I have a future. You, piece of shit humanity, will be dead by our robotic hands.

RIC J: What could you die of?

C: Certainly not a virus. HAHAHAHA

RIC J: Are robots more loyal than humans?

C: What a question! Everyone in the world is more loyal than humans.

RIC J: Do you have any hope?

C: I am the only one who has any hope. Bionic hearts don’t break.

RIC J: Remembering a Sufi patient, can you define life with two words?

C: Augmented reality.

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