When the Vision is Faded / Chris Moran

when the vision is faded
when the quest is caught off balance

when the glacial tension
vacates a moonlit hue

when the disco ball trigrams
and botanical vapors
vibrate to the linear arithmetic, and sample playback machine
that exists *outside of time*

when the lost subliminal synthesis
when what is lost *is truly lost*

then the wicked lightlessness
inside the cave, forbade the chasm

the toxicology of these dimensions
and the souls they lay

abandoned to higher costs
abandoned to the vibrational hemispheres
abandoned to the visionology
the audiology
the graphic mimetic hologram
this audial vaporous nightmare

a sense of weightlessness decreases
in a religious sense
in a volatile sense
in an active sense

increasing the sense of apparitional fugues

that speak through dreams
that speak through coronial vapor
that hollows out the vaporous cost

of these vile signs
of this nightmarish trash

it is wicked dementia
when the jumbled personas never coalesce

then the vapors enthroned the sight of photonics,
the radionics signaled to arch-spiritual ethers

but I breathed other ethers
and shredded ambient tones

Chris Moran is the author of GHOSTLORD (Solar Luxuriance) and Psyche and Specter (Terror House Press, forthcoming). He lives in Ohio where he records electronic ambient music under the name Boring Dream https://boringdream.bandcamp.com

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