a severed head / James Knight

this disturbing object recovered from a hypnagogic dream

egg stark on black platter

singing in alien tongue

this taint this illness

in spotlight

empty space beyond murmuring

you can ask if it was audible or not

if it was one or zero

it depended on the position and disposition of the audience the observer

            the orchestra glowing in quantum fields

            memorialised in us

looking away

as the skull split

and mad hatchling

            blood baptised

                        strained up and out

                                    under the eye of the mother

James Knight is an experimental poet and digital artist. His books include Void Voices (Hesterglock Press), Self Portrait by Night (Sampson Low) and Chimera (Penteract Press). Website: thebirdking.com. Twitter: twitter.com/badbadpoet

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