Franz Kafka

RIC J: Did you want to become a writer?

K: I am already a writer. What do you think you are going through? Do you think you’re living your life? No, your playing, without knowing it, the role that I wrote for you. I am the writer of your whole life.

RIC J: What kind of an insect did you metamorphose into?

K: For me, the absolute insect, the total insect, the imperial insect, is the cockroach. Abject, despicable, repulsive, immortal. All the characteristics of the insect.

RIC J: If not in Prague, where else could you have lived?

K: Jaipur. The other capital of insects.

RIC J: What is the one book that you wanted to but did not write?

K: The Holy Bible. I didn’t write it down, but I live there. I dug my house there, millimeter after millimeter. I turned the verses into excrement, I developed galleries in the parables of Christ, I made my nest in the figure of Moses and Nebuchadnezzar

RIC J: You were never really in love with Milena. Why didn’t you tell her?

K: Milena is not a woman like the others. Milena is an insect that ignores itself. We are of the same blood, it is green in color.

RIC J: Your favourite cocktail recipe to get over heartbreak.

K: Cockroaches in a shaker, with a dab of Mongolia vodka

RIC J: What is afterlife for Kafka?

K: He’s already dead, reincarnated as a woodlouse, and you just crushed him with your slutty shoes. God only knows what will become of him now?

RIC J: Your favourite porn magazine / website.

K:   Foxnews.

RIC J: Your views on crime.

K: No death is natural. Everything is a crime. This is the law.

RIC J: Would you murder the man who wants to sleep with the woman you love (not Milena)?

K: This man is already dead.

RIC J: Your favourite form of dance.

K: Horizontal.

RIC J: Basil or parsley?

K: Cumin.

RIC J: Gin or whisky?

K: Vodka, today.

RIC J: Would you ever consider becoming an alley cat in Istanbul?

K: No, I’d rather be the chip on those cats’ asses, near the hole.

RIC J: How did you react to the news of the 12000 year old paintings found in the Amazon?

K: Fly paws.

RIC J: Your favourite sex position.

K: Eyes closed.

RIC J: In memory of a Sufi patient, please define life in two words.

K: Larval stage.

*video from https://www.videvo.net/es/videos-gratis/

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