The Wind / Ritwik Chaudhary

Years ago, I had felt the wind,
And longed for it again. It came,
And I called it “the breath of a new world”,

A sentence that’s true, a real wind
Blown from the towers of the great city,
Where Caesar fainted at the smell of the herd,

And a certain Brutus and his friend Cassius,
Who Brutus betrayed in the end,
Upon a bloody podium addressed, and declared:

“Down with tyranny!
In the hearts of men,
And in the sky,

Under which we walk, eat and pray,
And learn, and are never heard of again”,
Or find ourselves a melodious death,

Which this populist error,
To populist minds has addressed,
As Shakespeare’s victory over the masses,

Meanwhile, the wind blows the flag,
And I hear a soft spoken ‘yes’
By a woman in a line at the theatre.

I heard it in the wind, too.

Ritwik is a writer and actor. He has acted in a couple of plays, and has been published in the journals Kitaab, Countercurrents, Zeno Press Magazine, RIC Journal, and Indian Ruminations, as well as an anthology ‘A Map Called Home’ published by Kitaab. He is the untitled equivalent of a human.

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