On Belonging / Ankita Chauhan

Jingling of her anklets reached to his heart,

he ran towards her and

encircled her soul into his warmth,

words dissolved into her twinkling eyes

his silence caught her still,

he glanced at heena in her palms,

doubt traveled into thrilling breaths,

A pause, A question

‘Just one ritual and, dimension of our relationship would change?’

Pangs of fear shimmered on her face, 

He sensed the pain in corner of her eyes,

whispered,’This knot would never change my love for you’

and sealed her trembling eyes with eternal kiss.

—A Kiss

As night passed,

she caught herself

dialing his number, again.
he never called back. 

She wanted to envelop into

the depth of his voice. 

Is there any substitute of

his sound, his tone, his word? 

Darkness engulfed her, memories
dragging her to shoreless sea.

Does network stop working, after death?

A long phone call is awaited. 

—A Voice

Ankita Chauhan is a writer from Rajasthan, India. She blogs about books. She contributed hindi fiction stories to FM Radio Show, ‘Yaadon Ka Idiot Box’ and  ‘Storywallah’ an anthology published by Penguin books.

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