on dreams and potion dreams / Adéolá Olákìítán

pharma-like dream today, like a pink drug. i was living in this bungalow with like five people, one of which was a primary roommate but before the performance scene where we were all lying down. actually, lying down might have been the middle scene. i suddenly remember donawa was also around preparing for a live performance~~

i wrote a synopsis that was in my usual way of doing things: that is, very reflective, but the first performance of the evening took a humorous turn and that made me anxious but it also felt like she was going to do something else than originally planned.

anyway, the second part of the dream was in the midst of these pple who were talking back and forth about wrongs and i wasn’t afraid to speak my mind. unknowingly my primary roomie had already been planning a subtle death for me. ( i don’t really know how i know this info, i just know.) but yah, decided to leave but can’t remember why. it was really dark outside and then i decided to leave the house forever and not come back. there were a lot of options with partygoers who were lined up outside (the setting was my childhood home, jam packed.) so there were not a lot of women, i noticed. there was this guy that grabbed me into his ride, can’t really remember if it was a grab but i was in the car and was thinking i should leave with the gang in the car since they were already leaving. i didn’t feel like it so i got down. still surveying the whole area for options, i remember seeing one of them from the discussion room sighting me but i don’t know why i felt like she would tell about my intention. it’s lagos and you shouldn’t really move without aim at night but i jumped into the street and just began walking. so in front of where the transformer used to be on oluyombo i saw two women and one man Ọṣun worshippers, the folks are wearing white. as i was running, i collapsed into the third one by the far left and i was enveloped by her for a while on the ground and i then got up. she began saying i lost someone, listing— “vagelina” & “mummy obele”????? she kept guessing stuff that was wrong and i just kept nodding no till i got tired and left. there was a time i almost agreed to a name tho but i didn’t. if i even wanted to give her money i couldn’t cause i don’t think i even had any…. i continued on my way.

~ ~

Adéolá Olákìítán is a writer and transdisciplinary curator currently based in New York.

(*here i’lld like to include an author’s note as a recording. it is available here: https://soundcloud.com/adeolakiitan/on-dreams-potion-dreams )

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