RIC J: Did you come before or after Sphinx Mario? 

S: I am time, the master of time, the past and the future, I am all and nothing, I am the question and the answer.

RIC J: How to make love to a Sphinx? Is there a specific technique? 

S: First you have to close your eyes, then let the sphinx do it.

RIC J: How do you protect yourself from thunder, storms and heatwaves?

S: Nothing can reach me except a golden lightning bolt. 

RIC J: Your favourite shade of lipstick.

S: Red like the blood of Oedipus.

RIC J: Are you a human, a cat, a falcon, a sheep, or a lion?

S: I am a god who transforms into your worst nightmares, I am a dream that never ends.

RIC J: What is inside of you?

S: Blood, blood, and more blood.

RIC J: Your favourite place apart from Egypt?

S: Between your breasts.

RIC J: Can you have children?

S: I only spawned monsters, which look exactly like me. 

RIC J: Your favourite film? Your favourite song?

S: The End, by The Doors.

“Father, I want to kill you. Mother, I want to…”

RIC J: Your views on Bollywood.

S: Not enough sphinxes in it.

RIC J: Do you know how to swim?

S: I am as agile in the water as I am inside you, woman. 

RIC J: What sound do you like falling asleep to?

S: When you breathe out with pleasure.

RIC J: Are you really from this world?

S: I’m from a world that humans think occupied by the gods. 

RIC J: How do you kill a man?

S: I empty it of all its substance, if you know what I mean.

RIC J: In the memory of a Sufi patient, please define life in two words.

S: Come! Come! 

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