An Ode to Faiz / Dee

یہ خوں کی مہک ہے کہ لب یار کی خوشبو
کس راہ کی جانب سے صبا آتی ہے دیکھو
گلشن میں بہار آی کہ زنداں ہوا آباد
کس سمت سے نغموں کی صدا آتی ہے دیکو

(فیض احمد فیض )

Yay khoon ki mehak hai ke lab-e-yaar ki khushboo

Kis raah ki janeb say saba aati hay dekhoo

Gulshan main bahar ayee kay zindaan hua abaad

Kis simt say naghmon ki sadaa aati hay dekho
faiz Ahmed faiz ¹

absence held within its fragile folds
the urgency to be heard
                           to be  held
on the wings of an ancient
breeze you floated
surreal into my orbit

or was it my bled void carrying fragments of you

is it spring yet
have my
           shackles sung~

Dee is from lahore. loves old trees, words and surreal nights~

¹ faiz ahmed faiz~poet

² in my humble opinion, translations are impossible. however transliterations  are preludes to what effect poetry has on an individual. being bilingual i take the liberty of internalizing urdu poetry and rechanneling it from an experiential domain… humbly so. 

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