Ma / Ronald Tuhin D’Rozario

As Mitch Albom puts it: “But behind all your stories is your mother’s story, for hers is where yours begins.” — I grasp tightly to the word, ‘REMEMBER’. It assures me a sense of belongingness.To me, remembering is the most sacred form of expressing love. I cannot let a person be forgotten after death — when the person is a favourite. This much I owe them, to the least — in gratitude and love: To remember. This is how I love. 

I feel the act of remembering is like writing a letter. It leads us to a space of intimacy where we carry a dialogue in our minds about the things we want to tell and things we should have said. It brings images with it — making the heart feel intense and heavy. And the letter always gathers the final folds with a wait. An eternal wait for a reply. The act of remembrance ends up being a one-sided conversation. It stays.

This is to remember our mother, Mrs Maya Magdalene D’Rozario on her twentieth death anniversary on — Thursday, May 20, 2021 — through her art and love that she has left with us — has left within us. This painting that I am sharing was done by ma during her maiden days.

Mothers are like religion. Not only does their womb rent us a home, but also she teaches us the first lesson of our birth — trust. I feel — this is the only religion we follow without any form of difference. That one universal emotion when we pronounce the word — Ma: the answer to our everything.

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