Calling / Dee

it’s august 
after a long spell  
the sky reopened
stuffiness shifted
it’s claustrophobic fangs
from within our chests
that are
already tired of breathing heavily
through the air of uncertainty

writing is difficult
when death’s presence is invasive
writing is all one can do
to name the time
that humanity
is passing through

so you must

you can

this is the time to open
your tired arms
to love that is scared
reaching out
touching the unsure hands

this is the time
though it may not feel right,
to smile at the sky that opens
for you each day
and sets the sun for you
every evening

just for you

just that

and within that beginning
of the day
and setting
of the evening
you will
what you need

and it will be exactly what
your yearning

it’s a calling to
and it is
for now

when you decide
you are ready to go on
you will find the path
like the gentle dadi jaan ¹
who would be there
when you would come crawling
into her arms
make you hot milk
with honey and some haldi²
to soothe the ache within and without

go back
to your roots
in these times of disquiet
curl up on your nanos ³ divan
rest with the archetypes
and regain your strength
there will be time enough
for your journey
when it calls your name
when you want to turn the bend
and walk on

Dee is from lahore. loves old trees, words and surreal nights~

¹ paternal grandmother
² turmeric powder
³ maternal grandmother
⁴ bed like couch

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