RIC: Which is the most luscious neck that you have sucked?

D: The death. An icy, sweet, syrupy, delectable, incredible neck.

RIC: What is your favourite thing about blood?

D: Bloody Mary, but not with tomato juice, with real blood.

RIC: Why are you afraid of garlic? You never feel like eating pasta aglio-olio?

D: Garlic turns me off blood, and that’s not my nature. Blood is my life. The blood of others. The taste of others.

RIC: Will you ever suck an Italian neck, won’t the blood be too full of garlic?

D: No, a taste of Chianti.

RIC: What is your favourite comics?

D: Dr Strange. It’s a secret that I only tell you: he’s a vampire, like me.

RIC: The cartoon that you watched most as a child?

D: Scooby Doo. You know, I hope? Otherwise, you’ve messed up your life.

RIC: Are you on Twitter? What is your handle?

D: Obviously!!!!! @sucktoolate

RIC: After the neck, your most preferred spot of sucking? Lips or vagina?

D: Nipples.

RIC: Please share the recipe of your favourite cocktail.

D: I already told you. True-maiden-bloody-Mary. Rhesus positive is better.

RIC: Where would you like to go for your honeymoon?

D: Paradise. So exotic.

RIC: Will you take a vaccine before going about your business again?

D: Yes, but let me suck on the needle of the syringe, rather than injecting myself with the vaccine.

RIC: Your favourite position for lying in the coffin.

D: Hands in pants. Front. 

RIC: Are you the one making love under the headless goddess?

D: I am.

RIC: In the memory of a Sufi patient, please define life in two words.

D: Blue Carotide.

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