It’s My Life / Shibaprasad Deb

It’s my life

It’s my life, 
I’ve cried coming forth
I’ve been pampered 
I’ve wept to school
I’ve shied from attention 
I’ve bled in summer
I’ve abandoned courses
I’ve completed others

It’s my life
I’ve lost opportunities 
I’ve missed promotions
I’ve unkept promises
I’ve hurt many
I’ve loved as many
I’ve trusted close to all
I’ve made mistakes 

It’s my life
I’ve fallen sick
I’ve endured passings 
I’ve tried expressing 
I’ve felt tired
I’ve slept and woken
but most of all, 
I’ve learnt.

Shibaprasad Deb is from Shillong and presently a Kolkata resident. A post grad in Economics and a love for reading, movies and travelling are his credentials. After an over three decade stint in Indian Bank which took him across the country, he is enjoying the laid back protocol of a senior citizen. Wife Snigdha, daughters Shreya and Sunipa, son in law Budhaditya are captive audience for his poetic expressions.

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